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Vitamin-C:  Of all the vitamins and minerals involved in adrenal metabolism, vitamin-C is probably the most important. It is essential to the adrenal hormone cascade and manufacture of adrenal steroid hormones.  It acts as an antioxidant within the adrenal cortex.  As it occurs in nature, Vitamin-C exists as a combination of ascorbic acid and certain bioflavinoids that are essential to ascorbic acid being fully metabolized and utilized by the body.  Vitamin-C is water-soluble; quickly consumed or excreted from the body.  It should be taken throughout the day, particularly when the body is under any kind of physical, emotional, environmental or infectious stress.  Vitamin-C also stimulates the immune system. 

Target dose: 2000.mg – 5000.mg daily, divided doses, with food/meals.

Vitamin-E:  Although not directly required for any part of the adrenal hormone manufacturing cascade, Vitamin-E is essential in at least six different enzymatic reactions .  It absorbs and neutralizes damaging free radical molecules inside the adrenal glands.  Vitamin-C enhances Vitamin-E’s activity inside the cell by regenerating the capacity of vitamin-E to sequester free radicals.  In order for the adrenals to maintain elevated steroid production, high amounts of vitamin-E are necessary.  Adrena regeneration is best with mixed tocopherols that include beta-tocopherols. 

Target dose: 800 IU mixed tocopherols, divided doses, with food/meals.

Pantothenic Acid:  One of the B-complex vitamins, pantothenic acid is essential to energy production within the adrenal glands by converting into acetyl-CoA, critical to conversion of glucose into energy.  The combination of pantothenic acid with magnesium, vitamin-E and vitamin-C increases energy production and reduces fatigue on the adrenals. 

Target dose: 1500.mg daily, divided doses, with food/meals.

Niacin:  Large amounts of niacin are necessary to form the molecular structure of certain niacin dependent coenzymes critical for several steps in the adrenal cascade.  Use “non-flushing” niacin hexanol. 

Target dose: 25-50.mg daily.

Vitamin-B6:  Co-factor in several of the enzymatic pathways in the adrenal cascade. 

Target dose: 50-100.mg daily, divided doses, with food/meals.

B-Complex:  Needed in small quantities throughout the adrenal cascade. 

Target dose: 50-100.mg daily, with food/meals.

Magnesium:  Acts like a spark plug for adrenals and the energy portion of every cell; essential to the production of enzymes within the adrenal hormone cascade.  Increase during times of stress along with Vitamin-C and Pantothenic acid. 

Target dose: 400.mg magnesium citrate, absorbed best when taken prior to bedtime.

Calcium:  Helps to settle nervous system and create inner calm.  Best absorbed late evening, taken with calcium.  Calcium citrate best absorbed. 

Target dose: 750-1000.mg daily, with food/meals.

Fiber:  Mild constipation is normal in adrenal fatigue, but not healthy.  Chronic constipation leads to re-absorbtion of  toxins within the bowel.  Adding extra fiber to the diet can normalize bowel function.  As adrenals heal, the body’s responses become more efficient; liver function begins to detoxify more rapidly.  This means that more toxic constituents are contained in the bile that is secreted by the liver and emptied into the intestinal tract for elimination.  Fiber prevents bile from becoming toxic in the large intestine by binding with it along the digestive tract.  Fiber therefore helps to eliminate fat-soluble toxins from the body.

Licorice Root:  An adaptogenic* herb known to increase energy, endurance, vitality; acts as a mild tonic to nurture the adrenals; strong anti-viral, anti-inflammatory action; naturally fortify cortisone levels; help decrease symptoms of hypoglycemia; improves wound healing; soothes nervous stomachs; support immune function. 

Ashwagandha Root:  Ancient herb from India; historical use in Ayurvedic medicine; adaptogenic herb known as Indian ginseng, although not related botanically to the ginsengs; rejuvenator of tissues, organs; promotes strength and vigor; anti-inflammatory action; shown to normalize cortisol levels, whether too high or too low.  Low doses used throughout the day without drossiness; higher doses used late evening and bedtime to promote drossiness and restfulness. 

Target dose: 3-5 Gm daily, divided doses; may take with food/meals.

Siberian Ginseng Root:  Not botanically a ginseng; adaptogenic herb that supports and rejuvenates adrenal function, increases resistance to stress, normalizes metabolism, down-regulates stress hormones; reverses mental fatigue; increases energy, stamina, endurance; anti-depressant properties have demonstrated its ability to calm anxiousness, improve sleeping, diminish lethargy, lessen irritability, induce sense of well-being; normalize blood sugar; strengthen immune function; increase resistance to environmental pollutants; improve Vitamin-Bs absorption, decrease Vitamin-C loss; more normalizing than stimulatory in its effects on adrenals. 

Target dose: No information available at this time

American Ginseng Root:  A true ginseng, suitable for men and women; energetically considered a “cooling” herb; adaptogenic; builds energy and stamina; supports immune functions; may have an androgenic characteristic by increasing DHEA. 

Target dose: 500.mg twice daily, morning and early afternoon; may take with food/meals. 

Ginger Root:  Adaptogenic; helps modulate cortisol levels, normalize blood pressure & heart rate; stimulate digestive enzymes; circulatory herb; increase fluidity throughout tissues; increase energy & metabolic rate; anti-nauseant.

Ginkgo Leaf:  When under stress, the adrenals suffer tremendous oxidative stress; this leads to significant increases in free radicals within those cells that make the needed hormones.  If the free radicals generated in this process are not neutralized, the production of hormones is slowed and tissue damage increases within the cells.  Ginkgo acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radical production, protecting the adrenals, brain and liver. 

Target dose: No information available at this time

*Adaptogenic herbs support the body during stressful periods; physical, emotional, or environmental stressors; feed & nurture tissues, organ systems to reverse damage done by stress; may also strengthen immune function; build energy and stamina over time.

Summarized from:
Adrenal Fatigue
, by James L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D.
The Cortisol Connection
, by Shawn Talbott, PhD


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